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AXXYXX PRO is a combination of hardware and software that allows a computer to scan biological and other information from digitized images of objects such as humans, animals, plants and matter, and provide them with treatment. The distance between the device and the digitized image of an object is not relevant for the connection to be created.

The interfaces that allow our device to interact in this way with biological and other systems are based on white noise diodes (see STEP 3) and on a process that is similar to the entanglement of twin photons (see STEP 4).

A database of over 100,000 remedial entries, for example, homeopathy, acupuncture, orthomolecular medicine and neurolinguistics programming and many more, is used by AXXYXX PRO to scan and identify the required entries.

Our device - which is called QUANTEC PRO except in the USA and CANADA, where it's called AXXYXX PRO - has demonstrated it's capability for instrumental biocommunication under scientific scrutiny.

Despite such evidence: please see our disclaimer below.

Flasche mit Arnica-Globuli

The same procedure as with everything new

Instrumental biocommunication stands today where homeopathy and acupuncture stood just a few decades ago. Today, Academic Chairs for these therapies are part of the medical curriculum at universities, but in the beginning they were ridiculed and unfairly criticised and judged.

In addition to this, unfortunately, many devices are offered under the term of quantum healing that do not deserve this designation and thus discredit quantum medicine in general and instrumental biocommunication in particular.



For legal reasons we do point out that the information on this website is not scientifically approved. Quantum medicine and information medicine are ineffective according to conventional medicine.

If you are sick, you should see a doctor.

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Online presentation

If we have piqued your interest, we will be delighted to show you the AXXYXX PRO software in an online demo. Just write an email to:


AXXYXX PRO is identical in construction to QUANTEC PRO.
Please click here, if you want to know why we offer the same device under two different names.



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